With Astah SysML, you can merge one project file to another.
So that you can distribute the work among team members and merge all them into one file.

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How to merge

  1. Open one .axmz file and go to [File] – [Compare Project and Merge].
    Compare Project and Merge menu in Astah System Safety

  2. Select another .axmz file.

  3. [Differences] pop-up opens with a list of diagrams and models of both project files in a tree view side-by-side.
    Astah SysML Compare Project Step2

    Diagrams and models that have differences will be indicated with color:
    – Blue: This model exists in both files but something is different than one in another file
    – Red: The model does not exist in the file but exists in another file
    – Green: The model exists only in one file and not in another file

  4. Click [Merge] button.
    Astah SysML Merge

  5. Two merge options will appear. Choose which file to prioritize, and click [OK].
    By clicking [OK], all the models that exist only in one file will be merged. If there are the same models in both files but something is different, the ones in a file you chose will prevail.
    Choose Merge Options
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If you’d like to compare diagrams

If you’d like to see the differences visually, click [Open Compare Diagram] button. Each diagram will open side by side with mark-ups.

How to compare models
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Detailed Merge does not work for the following diagrams. If both project file has the following type of diagram under the same name, the one you choose at step5. will stay.

  • Activity diagram
  • Statemachine diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Mind map
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Reset Model ID

All the models you create in Astah SysML will have internal ID – we call this “Model ID”. When you merge files, Astah will look for the models with the Model ID and merge them based on them.

When you clone .axmz files, the Model ID won’t be regenerated so models will have the same ID as the original. In case you merge a file with another file that was created by cloning the original, you need to reset Model ID of one file to prevent the unintentional result.

To reset the Model ID, go to [Tools] – [Correct Model] – [Reset All Models’ ID].
Reset Model IDs

Read before you reset Model ID

  • You cannot [undo] after resetting the Model ID.
  • We recommend you create a back-up file before you reset Model ID.