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  • How can I install Astah in silent mode?

    Use the following command below. (e.g: Installing Astah SysML v1.5)

    astah-sysml-1_5_0-43297f-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent

    If you would like to install  to a specific directory, use /DIR option.
    astah-sysml-1_5_0-43297f-jre-64bit-setup.exe/verysilent /DIR=”the destination of installataion folder”



    • License file (.xml) should be directly saved in the Astah Installation folder.
    • If you have a Faculty Site License, a license file(.xml) should be renamed from “astah_faculty_license.xml” to “astah_sysml_license.xml” when directly saving in the Astah Installation folder.
  • Where can I see the system requirements?
  • How can I change a Machine to use Astah?
    1. Make a back up files of the following on your curremt machine if you have:
      • Plugins: Userhome/.astah/sysml/plugins
      • User templates:Userhome/.astah/sysml/template
      • Customized system properties: Userhome/.astah/sysml/
      • Customized UseCase Description template: Userhome/.astah/sysml/
    2. Uninstall Astah completely from the current machine
    3. Download and install Astah on new machine
    4. Restore the back up data to the new machine.
    5. Have your license file reissued and set from [Tool] – [License] – [Set License Key].
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  • I was asked to correct invalid models. What are the invliad models and how can I correct them?

    Invalid models are broken data that were produced due to the software’s bug.
    If you were asked to correct invalid models – that means your log file indicates that your project file may contain invalid models.

    Go to [Tool] – [Correct Model] – [Correct Invalid Models] and continue by following the messages that would appear.
    Correct Invalid Models in SysML

  • Where are the Astah log files?

    When you are asked to send log files along with your bug report, please send the 2 log files that are stored in your home directory:

    • astah_sysml.log
    • astah.log

    You can find them in the USER_HOME\.astah\sysml directory.

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