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Pricing and Discounts

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Setup and Uninstall

  • How can I install Astah SysML?
  • How can I install Astah in silent mode?

    Use the following command below. (e.g: Installing Astah SysML v9.0)

    astah-sysml-9_0_0-05034a-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent

    If you would like to install  to a specific directory, use /DIR option.
    astah-sysml-9_0_0-05034a-jre-64bit-setup.exe/verysilent /DIR=”the destination of installation folder”



    • License file (.lic) should be directly saved in the Astah Installation folder.
    • If you have a Faculty Site License, a license file(.lice) should be renamed from “astah_faculty_license.lic” to “astah_faculty_sysml.lic” when directly saving in the Astah Installation folder.
  • Where can I see the system requirements?
  • How can I change a Machine to use Astah?
    1. Make a back up files of the following on your current machine if you have:
      • Plugins: Userhome/.astah/sysml/plugins
      • Customized system properties: Userhome/.astah/sysml/
    2. Uninstall Astah completely from the current machine
    3. Download and install Astah on new machine
    4. Restore the back up data to the new machine.
    5. Have your license file reissued and set from [Help] – [License] – [Set License Key].
      Astah SysML License Setup
  • How Can I Change the Display Language of Astah SysML to Japanese?

    Astah SysML supports both English and Japanese languages. It automatically launches in English if your PC’s language and regional settings are not set to Japanese. Here’s how you can switch the language to Japanese:

    For Windows Users:

    1. Close Astah SysML if it is running.
    2. Open the astahsysml.l4j.ini file in the Astah SysML Installation folder with a text editor.
    3. Add the following, then save the file.
    4. Launch Astah SysML. It should now start in Japanese.


    For Mac users:

    1. Close Astah SysML if it is running
    2. Open Terminal and execute the following command.
      %defaults write com.change-vision.astah.astahsysml /com/change-vision/astah/astahsysml/ \ -dict-add JVMOptions/ '{ "language" = "-Duser.language=ja"; "country" = ""; }'
    3. Start Astah SysML, and it will be in Japanese.
  • How can I uninstall Astah SysML?

    You can uninstall Astah by following the step below if you decided not to use Astah after your evaluation.


    1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.
    2. Select Programs > Programs and Features.
      Uninstalling Astah SysML from Windows
    3. Press and hold (or right-click) on the Astah SysML and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then follow the directions on the screen on Windows.
      Uninstalling Astah SysML from Windows



    1. Locate the Astah SysML in the Finder. Mostly you can find it in your Applications folder
    2. Drag the app to the Trash, or select the app and choose [File] – [Move to Trash].
    3. If you’re asked for a user name and password, enter the name and password of an administrator account on your Mac.
    4. To delete the Astah SysML completely from Mac, empty your trash.
      Empty Trash on Mac
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  • Can I create Package diagrams with Astah SysML?

    Yes. You can create Package Diagram with a Block Definition Diagram.
    To represent <> and <> between packages, draw the arrow using [Dependency] and add stereotypes.

  • How can I change font?
    1. Right-click on a root package on a tree view.
    2. Font dialog opens, set the font as you like.
  • Can I open my Astah SysML files in Astah System Safety?

    You can load the Astah SysML files in Astah System Safety, but not the other way around. Please read “How to import Astah SysML files to Astah System Safety” for details.

  • Can I paste diagrams into Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint?

    Yes, you can integrate diagrams into Microsoft Office applications in two ways:

    Exporting as an Image File:

    1. Go to [File] > [Export Image] in Astah’s main menu.
    2. Export the diagram as an image file in BMP, PNG, EMF, or SVG format.
    3. Insert this image file into your Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.

    Copying to Clipboard:

    1. Select the model elements on the diagram in Astah.
    2. Go to [Edit] > [Copy to Clipboard] in the main menu.
    3. Paste directly into your Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.

    Note on Image Quality:

    • Using vector formats (EMF and SVG) is recommended for clearer images, especially when scaling, as they maintain quality better than raster formats (BMP and PNG).


    • Please note that ungrouping images in Microsoft Word and Excel is not supported by Astah.
  • Can I export Requirement tables to Excel in Astah

    Yes, Requirement tables can be exported to Excel in several ways.

    • From Requirement Table:
      1. Open the Requirement table.
      2. Click on the ‘Export to Excel’ button located at the upper right corner of each table.
        Export SysML Requirement Table to Excel
    • From main menu:
      1. Open a Requirement Table.
      2. Go to [File] > [Export] > [SysML Requirement Table to Excel].
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  • Where are the Astah log files?

    When you are asked to send log files along with your bug report, please send the 2 log files that are stored in your home directory:

    • env.log
    • trace.log

    You can find them in the USER_HOME\.astah\sysml directory.

  • How can I increase the performance of Astah?

    The performance level of Astah SysML depends on the RAM capacity of your machine. Please Try the following methods to improve the performance:

    1. Turn off the mouse cursor tracing option
      However, in some environments, this option may slower the drawing on the diagram.
    2. Turn the garbage collection settings of Java
      It is possible to alter the timing of garbage collection through Java’s non-standard options.

      If you are on Windows
      1. Close Astah SysML.
      2. Open the astahsysml.l4j.ini file located in Astah SysML installation folder with a text editor.
      If you do not have permission to edit the file, please ensure to open the file as an administrator.
      3. Set the heap size, save the file and restart Astah SysML.

      If you are onMac
      1. Close Astah SysML.
      2. Open a terminal and execute the following command.
      E.g: Example of rewriting the maximum heap size to 2048m
      defaults write com.change-vision.astahsysml /com/change-vision/astahsysml/ -dict-add JVMOptions/ ‘{ “Xmx” = “-Xmx2048m” }’
  • Why is Astah operating slowly?

    This issue can occur when multiple diagrams/tables are open simultaneously. To enhance performance, we recommend closing those you’re not currently using. You can easily close multiple items at once: simply right-click on a diagram/table tab and select the appropriate option from the close menu.
    Diagram Close menu in Astah

    Additionally, ensure your Astah SysML is up to date and that your system meets our recommended specifications. If the issue persists, consider restarting the software.

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