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Create your own Plug-ins

Tailor Astah to fit your needs with free add-ons! We have various Plug-ins available for free to integrate with some of the best tools available, and to further expand the capabilities of Astah. If none of the Plug-ins in our current library does exactly what you want, you can create your own, or send us a request!

Create your Own

If you didn't find what you need from our growing list of plug-ins, you can create your own custom Plug-in using the Astah SDK, or you can submit a request to us here.

About Support

At this time we do not provide technical support for any issues regarding Plug-ins. We appreciate bug reports and feature feedback from Plug-in users but we cannot guarantee that we'll provide the bug-fixes to issues. Thank you very much for your understanding. If you would like to offer feedback about any Plug-in contact us.