Astah Matrix Plug-in

Generate a comprehensive Matrix to visualize the interdependencies among model elements in Astah SysML and Astah System Safety.


Compatible with
Latest Version
1.3.1 (February 10, 2024)
Zsolt Sandor, a founder of Systems Engineering Professionals Community


Plugin Overview:

The Astah Matrix Plug-in is an innovative tool designed to enhance the capabilities of Astah SysML and Astah System Safety users. It generates a comprehensive Matrix, providing a clear and detailed visualization of the interdependencies among various model elements. This plug-in is an invaluable asset for engineers and system designers who need to understand and manage complex relationships within their models.
Astah Dependency Matrix Plug-in Feature Image



  • Flexible Model Type Selection: Choose specific model types for both rows and columns with a filter by stereotype to tailor the Matrix to your project’s requirements.
  • Package Selection for Rows and Columns: Enables precise control over which packages are included in the matrix, offering detailed insights into specific segments of your model.
  • Customizable Dependency Types: Select from various dependency types to focus on different relationship dynamics within your model.
  • Versatile Display Options: View the Matrix in different orientations (row to column, column to row, or both) for comprehensive analysis.
  • Interactive Matrix Cells: Ability to select a single cell, highlighting the corresponding row and column for focused examination of relationships.
  • Enhanced Context Menu Support: Includes convenient features such as:
    • Selecting a row or column element directly in the structure tree for quick navigation.
    • Creating relationships between elements directly from the matrix, streamlining the modeling process.
    • Showing/Hiding selected rows and columns on the Matrix
  • CSV Export: You can export the Matrix to CSV file to create a documentation to share with your team members or for recording.
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Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the latest .jar from the release page.
  2. In Astah, navigate to [Plugin] -> [Installed Plugins].
  3. In the dialogue box, click [Install], then select the downloaded .jar file.
  4. Restart Astah and either start a new project or open an existing file.
  5. The installation is successful if you see the [Dependency Matrix] tab beneath the diagram editor.
    Matrix Plug-in Tab Installed in Astah SysML


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How to use

1. Selecting Model Types for Rows:

Click the [Select] button for the Row element type, then choose the desired model type.
Supported types: Activity, Requirement, Use Case, Block
–  For custom types, extend ‘‘.
Stereotype: You can specify target model by entering stereotype

Selecting Model Type for Rows in the Matrix in Astah SysML


2. Selecting Model Types for Columns:

Similar to row selection, choose the model type for columns.
Supported and customizable as per row selection.

Selecting Model Type for Columns in Matrix in Astah SysML


3. Selecting Packages:

Choose the package containing desired model types by clicking the [Select] button for Row and Column package.



4. Selecting Dependency Type:

Choose the dependency type to display by clicking the [Select] button.
Supported type: Dependency, Allocate, DeriveRqt, Copy, Satisfy, Verify, Refine and Trace (customizable by extending ‘‘).

Selecting Dependency Type to show in Matrix



5. Generating the Matrix

After completing all fields, click the [Query] button to generate the matrix.
Hit Query to generate a matrix in Astah SysML


6. Utilizing the Matrix

You can right-click on the model in the matrix and jump directly to the model in the tree, to create relation row to column and column to row and hide rows/columns. These features enhance the usability of the plugin by streamlining model navigation and relationship management.
Context Menu Options in Astah Matrix Plugin

Showing Context Menu in Astah SysML

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