Astah Easy Diagram Plugin

“Astah Easy Diagram Plug-in” – Developed by one of our innovative customers, this tool is tailored to make your diagram editing tasks not only easier but also more enjoyable.


Compatible with
Latest Version
1.1.0 (February 28, 2024)
Zsolt Sandor, a founder of Systems Engineering Professionals Community


Plugin Overview:

The “Astah Easy Diagram” plugin, designed for Astah SysML and Astah System Safety users, streamlines SysML diagram editing. Our user-driven innovation enhances the overall diagramming experience.
Astah Easy Diagram Plugin



  • Numerical Precision: Adjust the position and size of components with direct numerical input.
  • Streamlined Lines: Remove unnecessary breakpoints from a line with one-click for a cleaner line presentation.
  • Pixel-Perfect Alignment: Snap to pixel functionality ensures precise alignment, with automatic rounding to remove fractional parts.
  • Reset Item Flow: Effortlessly align item flow lines with their corresponding connections.
  • Save and Restore position: save the positions of connected edges and ports, really useful for resizing/movement of a block.


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Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the latest .jar from the release page.
  2. In Astah, navigate to [Plugin] -> [Installed Plugins].
  3. In the dialogue box, click [Install], then select the downloaded .jar file.
  4. Restart Astah and either start a new project or open an existing file.
  5. The installation is successful if you see the [Easy Diagram] tab beneath the diagram editor.
    Easy Diagram Plugin Installed


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How to use


1. Locating objects:

Click an object to view its coordinates in the [Easy Diagram] tab. Adjust the position using the Left and Top coordinates, then apply the changes.
Locating Objects by Coordinate



2. Adjusting Object Size:

Modify the size by entering new dimensions in the Width and Height fields and applying the changes.
Change Object Size by entering Width and Height size directly



3. Rounding Coordinates:

Use the [Snap to pixel] button to align coordinates and sizes to pixels, automatically rounding off fractional parts.

Round up by snap to pixel



4. Straightening Lines:

Simplify line structures by clicking [Straighten line] to remove unnecessary breakpoints.
Straightening Line



5. Resetting Item Flow:

Ensure precise alignment of Item Flows with connections using the [Reset item flow] button for pixel-perfect accuracy.
Resetting Item Flow




6. Saving and Restoring Connection Points on Objects:

Enhance your diagramming experience with the ability to save and restore connection points on objects in Astah. This feature ensures that even after resizing or moving objects, you can effortlessly maintain the integrity of your diagram’s layout.

How It Works:

  1. Select an object (e.g., Block1) and click the [Save position] button to memorize its current connecting points.
    Memorize Connecting Points

  3. Resize or move Block1 as needed
    Resizing Blocks

  5. The connecting points will move accordingly.
    Connection points moved

  7. To revert to the original connecting points, click the [Restore position] button.Restoring Connecting Points
  8. Your object’s connection points will be precisely restored to their saved state.Connecting points have been restored

  10. Now, you’re ready to add additional connections or blocks to your diagram without compromising its clarity.
    Adding a new block



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