Model-Driven Script Editor

Custom Scripting Editor works with Groovy Language.


Compatible with
Latest Version
1.0.2 (February 30, 2024)
Zsolt Sandor, a founder of Systems Engineering Professionals Community


Plugin Overview:

Enhance your Astah experience with the custom Scripting Plugin, a powerful addition to your software engineering toolkit. Developed by the innovative customer, this plugin works incredible to use the groovy language. Astah has a built in script editor, but by default it is not supporting the groovy language.
Astah Script Editor for Groovy



  • Groovy language support
  • Display result in text area
  • Display result in grid
  • Export grid result as CSV file
  • Fully-fledged editor component
  • Syntax highlight
  • Jump to line in case of error
  • History support
  • Filter result
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Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the latest .jar from the release page.
  2. In Astah, navigate to [Plugin] -> [Installed Plugins].
  3. In the dialogue box, click [Install], then select the downloaded .jar file.
  4. Restart Astah and either start a new project or open an existing file.
  5. The installation is successful if you see the [External tools] – [ModelDriven Script Editor] menu under [Tools].
    Astah Model Driven Script Editor Menu


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How to use

  1. Go to [Tools] – [External tools] – [ModelDriven Script Editor] menu.Astah Model Driven Script Editor Menu

  3. A Script Editor window appears.
    Model Driven Script Editor Window

  5. Enter the script into the code editor area and press the [Execute] button. (Sample Script)
    Groovy Scripting Editor Sample

  7. The script from the code editor will be parsed and executed by a Groovy engine and shows the result on the right box. The result can be exported into csv files from [Export] button. For details regarding the scripts and default variables, please refer to the developer’s resource pageAstah Groovy Script Editor Result Sample



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