M Plus

Powerful Plug-in to add 4 major functionalities. Source code generation, Model Preview, Diagram Map and Relation Matrix.


Compatible with
Astah Pro and UML, Community 8.2, SysML 1.5 (Provided as alpha version for Astah SysML)
Latest Version
2.7.2 (2020/09/20)
Takaaki Teshima
No technical support is provided. Please contact the plug-in author.
Developer Support & Documentation
Model & Code Sample

4 Powerful Functionalities MPlus offers:

  1. Code Generation
  2. Model Preview
  3. Diagram Map
  4. Relation Matrix 


How to Install

  1. Download the Plug-in file from the developer’s page.
  2. After the download is complete, drag the downloaded .jar file to an open instance of Astah. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm installation choose [Yes]. If the pop-up below opens, restart Astah.
  3. Install is complete if [M+] tab is added in the “Extra View” below the diagram editor.
    m-plus-installIf Extra View is not open, go to [View] – [Show/Hide Extra View].
    Also, install Helper for M PLUS which helps settings easily when you use M+ plugin.


How to Use

Please refer to the Plug-in author’s website for instructions.


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