The Astah Plug-in architecture makes it possible for you to empower Astah by adding your own functions.
You are able to add your own components like menu or extended views to Astah’s GUI.

In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to develop Plug-ins for Astah with a few samples.

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Astah Plug-in architecture

When you launch Astah, it will load all of the plug-in files that are located in Astah installation folder.the directory below. The Plug-in files need to be .jar format and also to be OSGi bundle because Astah’s Plug-ins architecture uses OSGi Runtime.
Astah Plugin Architecture

We’ve prepared SDK for you to develop Astah Plug-ins with which automatically packages OSGi bundle and also allows you to use Plug-ins on Astah without storing them in the directory above during your plug-in development. Now let’s set up the environment to develop plug-ins!

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System Requirements

Below is a list of software that you can develop plug-ins for.
System Requirements such as OS and Java for developing and running plug-ins are same as each software and versions’ system requirements.


System Requirements

Astah ProfessionalSee System Requirements
Astah UMLSee System Requirements
Astah System SafetySee System Requirements
Astah SysMLSee System Requirements
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Set up the development environment

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