Let’s install your Astah plug-in

Your Plug-in file should be generated at the “target” folder under the Astah Plug-in project as “[artifactId] – [version].jar”. Copy this file to “plugins” folder under Astah Installation folder* and then launch Astah, and go to [Plugin] – [Installed Plugin]. (If you are using Astah SysML, go to [Help] – [Plugin List].)
*If you are using Astah System Safety, create a “plugins” folder under Astah System Safety’s installation folder.

Astah Plugin List

If you see your new Plug-in on the list, congratulations!
That means your Plug-in has been installed successfully in Astah.

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How to release a plugin

By setting <properties> tags named astah-version and astah-edition in pom.xml, specify the edition and version that this plug-in works with.


The version of the Astah by which the plugin is developed should be set as osstat-version, otherwise, the version of the Astah running the plugin cannot be limited. Keys for astah-edition are listed in the table below.

All editionsLeave it blank or all
Astah Professionalpro, professional
Astah UMLuml, UML
Astah System Safetysafety, SystemSafety
Astah SysMLsysml