This page guides you how to set up the plug-in development environment for Astah Professional.

Set up the development environment

  1. Make sure that your environment meets the System Requirements.

2. Download the Astah Plug-in SDK. (The SDK is based on Maven3).

3. Extract the Astah Plug-in SDK to a folder then set the following environment variables.

  • Specify the ‘astah-plugin-SDK-x.x\bin’ folder for the [PATH] environment variable, where the executable files of the Astah Plug-in SDK are located.
e.g.) set PATH=C:\dev\astah-plugin-SDK-x.x\bin;%PATH%
  • If the environment variable [JAVA_HOME] is not specified, install Java that meets the System Requirement (Most of Astah installers are including Java, so you may not need to install.). Then add [JAVA_HOME] and specify the folder.
e.g.) set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_65

4. Run the command below.

> asdk

5. If the below appears, that means an installation of Astah Plug-in SDK is completed.

> astah* Plug-in SDK version: x.x

6. Open %ASDK_HOME%¥conf¥settings.xml with a text editor.
In this .xml file, there are several pre-set profiles for each edition and OS.
By default, the configuration for Astah Professional edition on Windows is selected.

So please make sure to choose the profile that applies to your OS and make others commented out.
Also, after you choose the profile, please double-check that the file path to Astah app and edition are correct in the following three properties:

  • <file> – <exists>
  • <properties> – <astahPath>
  • <properties> – <astahEdition>

Now, run the command below to make sure Astah launches on the SDK.:

> astah-launch
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If the error happens…

If you get one of the following errors, please try the workaround noted here.

Return code is: 501, ReasonPhrase:HTTPS Required
Could not transfer artifact xxx from/to central