This page guides you how to set up the plug-in development environment for Astah System Safety.

Set up the development environment

  1. Make sure that your environment meets the System Requirements.

2. Download the Astah Plug-in SDK. (The SDK is based on Maven3).

3. Extract the Astah Plug-in SDK to a folder then set the following environment variables.

  • Add [ASDK_HOME] and specify the folder where you deployed the Astah Plug-in SDK:
e.g.) set ASDK_HOME=C:\dev\safety-plugin-SDK-1.0
  • Specify “%ASDK_HOME%\bin” folder to [PATH], where the executable files of Astah Plug-in SDK’s exist:
e.g.) set PATH=%ASDK_HOME%\bin;%PATH%
  • If the environment variable [JAVA_HOME] is not specified, install Java that meets the System Requirement (Most of Astah installers are including Java, so you may not need to install.). Then add [JAVA_HOME] and specify the folder.
e.g.) set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_65

4. Run the command below.

> asdk

5. If the below appears, that means an installation of Astah Plug-in SDK is completed.

> astah* Plug-in SDK version: 1.0

6. Now, run the command below to make sure Astah launches on the SDK.:

> astah-launch
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If the error happens…

If you get one of the following errors, please try the workaround noted here.

Return code is: 501, ReasonPhrase:HTTPS Required
Could not transfer artifact xxx from/to central