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  • Fukui, Japan 3-111, Toiyacho, Fukui-City, Fukui, JAPAN 918-8231
  • Tokyo, Japan 7F-NBF Kandasudacho Bldg. 2-3-1, Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0041

Meet our CEO

I’m Kenji Hiranabe, CTO of Change Vision, Inc.

I started this company in 2006 to develop and market Astah, a UML editor integrated with Mind Mapping features. My background is in software engineering, something I’ve been doing for more 20 years. For about half of that time I worked on practical applications for object-oriented technologies, the other half for Agile approaches in real world software development.

Kenji's Mission

Innovation is rarely the result of rigid thinking, but most software tools focus only on the engineering - strict, formal, mechanical thought. Programmers grow are used to being bogged down in endless lines of code, but we thrive on inspiration. We need something more intuitive - something that will engage our logic, our imagination and our urge to create as a team.

Tools available to software developers get the mechanical side right. But aren't user frendly, and fail to provide an environment to improvise and interact with coworkers. I wanted to change the way that individuals and groups develop software. I wanted to provide a common forum that would make software design more productive, rich and fun.

Simplicity, Quality, and Community are our three greatest priorities

That is why we provide a product that:

  • Works intuitively with Windows, Mac, and Linux to provide seamless transition between diagrams, tables and platforms
  • Delivers a uniquely dynamic and social development experience at a low price
  • Benefits from ten years of user-driven tailoring and expansion to bring your team and your project together.