Why Upgrade to Astah Professional?

Astah Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Astah Professional allows you to take existing code and auto-generate it into UML.
Supported languages are C++, C#, Java, and more availbale with Plug-ins.

more diagrams available

+9 More Diagrams

ER Diagram, Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram, Mind Map, State Transition Matrix and more are available with Astah Professional. Models can be converted between different diagrams!

Astah Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Check visual changes on diagrams, merge files and more functionalities.
[TIPS] Let`s start collaborative UML modeling with Astah

Setting Fonts

Font Setting

Make your presentations nice and clear by changing the font!
[TIPS] How to change Font in diagrams

Get Support


Our support staff is dedicated to users via special support ticket form, email and Skype.
Quick bug fixes and special patch offers are also for Professional users only.

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DiagramsUML 2.x

Class, UseCase, Sequence, Activity, Communication, Statemachine, Component, Deployment, Composite Structure, Object and Package Diagram

Mind Map
Requirement Diagram ・ Requirement Table
ER Diagram
State Transition Table
Data Flow Diagram
Erksson-Penker Process Diagram
Code EngineeringJavaReverse engineering
Code Generation
C#Reverse Engineering
Code Generation
C++Reverse Engineering
Code Generation
PHPCode Generation
Code generation of other languages
SQL Export
Team DevelopmentFile locing (mutual exclusion)
Merge project files
Compare diagrams/models
Reference Model Management
(Import other projects as read-only)
Sharing diagrams on Astah Share
ExpressionsUseCase Description
Font Setting
Customize stereotype icons
Mini Icon
Business Actor/UseCases
Highlight marker pens
Data Input/OutputPrint
Print setting / Print Preview
Image Export (JPEG, PNG, EMF, SVG)JPEG, PNG only
RTF Document Export
HTML ・CSV Export
Entity Definition Report
XMI Import
XMI ExportUML 2.4.1
CMOF 2.4.1
Database Reverse Engineering
Assist FunctionsMap View
Gap Expander/Remover
Copy and Paste .asta files
Copying to MS Office documents
Clone Models/Diagrams
Merge project files
Auto-create Class Diagrams
Alignment Guide
Search and Replace
Jump from Tree to diagram
Show related classes/models
Customize Shortcut keys
User Defined Tagged Value
Traceability Map
State Transition Path
Dependency Structure Matrix(DSM)
Inconsistency Check
Access Models by Scripting Language
APIAccess models using APIRead only
Tool Integration

Model Coversion between diagramsUML/ERD/DFD/Flowchart ↔ Mind Map
Supported OS
UsageCommercial UseOnly 6.9 and earlier
Academic UseOnly 6.9 and earlier