Astah Share Access Control

In Astah Share, you are able to specify roles for each member in order to define what they can do in an Astah Share project. There are two types of roles; Project Roles and System Roles.

Project Role

Project Roles are what you can specify for each member for a specific project. Capacities to operate in a project depend on what type of role is assigned. The following is a list of project roles that can be assigned:

  • Project Owner - A Project owner is able to manage all project members' status, handle all Astah files in a project, add comments and reply to comments.
  • Project Member - A Project Member is able to upload Astah files, add comments and reply to comments.
  • Commenter - A Commenter is able to add comments and reply to comments.
  • Visitor - A Visitor is able to view Astah files

Each role has following capacities.

OperationsProject ownerMemberCommenterVisitor
View project informationYesYesYesYes
Modify project information / Delete projectYesNo NoNo
Add / Delete project membersYesNoNoNo
View astah filesYesYesYesYes
Upload astah filesYesYesNoNo
Delete astah filesYesYes*NoNo
View commentsYesYesYesYes
Add / Delete your own commentsYesYesYesNo
Delete others comments (added by yourself)YesNoNoNo
Get embeded code from files you addedYesYesNoNo
Get embeded code from files others addedYesNoNoNo

*Project Members can delete files that are updated by themselves.

System Role

System role is a role for all operations for Astah Share which include all projects (project role is applied to each specific project). Currently there is only one role in System role, the Astah Share Administrator.

  • Astah Share Administrator - Astah Share Administrator is able to manage projects, users and licenses.
OperationsAstah Share administrator
System settingYes
License managementYes
View project informationYes
Create new projectsYes
Modify project informationYes
Delete projectsYes
View user informationYes
Create new usersYes
Modify user informationYes
Delete usersYes
Add project membersYes
Delete project membersYes