Astah Academic Licensing options

We're providing the most inexpensive way to help teach and research system and software modeling in educational institutions using UML, SysML, ERD... and more. For an individual usage for facultys, please refer to Astah Academic Individual License.

What an Astah Faculty Site License offers:

Unlimited installations of the latest version of the Astah tool-set on:

  • ALL computers within the department
  • ALL personal computers belonging to department members (faculty AND students)

UML, ERD, DFD, Flowchart, Code Generation & Reverse Engineering

SysML, Requirement modeling

Goal Structuring Notation


  • Multi-platform software that works on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Easy license management and installation
  • Simple interface that helps students start using Astah instantly, right after installation
  • Tutorial and TIPS videos that help students get to know the tool and techniques better
  • Right to use all the Plug-ins and API to extend the tool's functionalities and learning possibilities
  • Files can be shared online using our Plug-in or Astah Share (Free) for reviewing students assignments
  • Flat rate - 750 USD (585 Euro) per year

Voice of teacher:

"I really like the clean interface. I think students have an easier time learning and working with your software. I must say, the big advantage of your tool that I like is it's clean and fast! Don't lose that aspect of the application. I'd be willing to sacrifice other features to keep these things you've done so well!" - Teacher from Red River College

What schools use Astah?

Over 1,000 educational institutions are using an Astah Faculty Site License.

Astah Academic Faculty Site License users
Germany Ostfalia University
University of Bremen
Universitat Potsdam
Hochschule Harz
Braunschweig University
Hochschule Niederrhein University
Hochschule Hannover Stuttgart
Kiel University
TU Dortmund
Hochschule Aschaffenburg
Fachhochschule Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences
Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences
Evangelische Hochschule Berlin
Switzerland Bern University
University of Bern
Finland Helsinki Metropolia University
Aland University of Applied Sciences
France University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour
University of technology of Belfort-Montbéliard
United KingdomRobert Gordon University
SpainUniversity of Valladolid
NetherlandsErasmus MC
DenmarkVIA University
AustriaHTL Steyr
Czech Republic University of Economics, Prague
Berner Fachhochschule
IsraelShenkar College of Engineering and Design
UruguayUniversidad ORT Uruguay
Brazil Assoc. Unif. Paulista Ens. Ren. Objetivo-ASSUPERO
Fluminense Federal University
BandTec - Faculdade de Technologia
Universidade Estadual
Associacao Franciscana de Ensino Senhor Bom Jesus
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
FIAP – Faculdade de informática e Administração Paulista
USA Harvard University
Arizona State University
Central Michigan University
University of South Alabama
CanadaRed River College
IsraelShenkar College of Engineering and Design
SingaporeNational university of Singapore
UruguayUniversidad ORT Uruguay
...and more


You may purchase a faculty site license through our online store or distributors, you will be asked to provide a completed application form.

We will send a renewal notification to a license administrator a month before your license expires, to prevent a laps in your license.

If you'd like to purchase for multiple years at once, please contact us.


  • Q. How does the faculty site license work?
  • A: You will receive the URL to access the license that works all of the editions after purchase, you send them to the students and designated users. All you do is to set up the license to the tool or simply save it in the specific folder on the machine. No license server needed.
  • Q. Can students receive your support?
  • A: Yes, absolutely. All the faculty and students have an access to file support tickets and also use our live chat to get immediate help.
  • Q. Who is eligible to purchase this faculty site license?
  • A: Teachers, faculty, staff at academic institutions. Or non-profit organizations who are related to education administration system may be eligible (e.g. HIS GmbH in Germany who provides integrated higher education administration system called HISinOne. If you'd like to check if you are eligible, please contact us.
  • Q. What is the restriction of this faculty site license?
  • A: It is applicable for students and faculty who belong to a department of the educational institution and is restricted for educational or non-commercial research purpose only and it cannot be sublicensed to any third party.
  • Q. Are there any limitation in functionality with this license?
  • A: No functionality limitations. All the users can use the full features of Astah Tool-set, UML, SysML, ERD (Entity-relationship diagram), Flowchart, DFD (Data Flow Diagram), Requirement managements, UseCase Descriptions, code generation, reverse enginnering..etc and can also access to free various Plug-ins and API to build applications using the models that you create with Astah tool-set.
  • Q. How do I renew the license?
  • A: You will receive a renewal notification a month before your license expires. Once you receive the notification, simply purchase another Faculty Site License. Our staff may ask for an updated application form if needed. There is no need to fill out the application form again.


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