Astah Organizational Licensing

Best for use by an entire team

An Astah Organizational License is ideal for team use. No individual registrations are needed. A license administrator manages the licenses; by assigning licenses to team members who, when finished, can return them to be reassigned to different team members.

Astah Organizational License

License Portal for unified license management

The license administrator can see the full list of active users on the license portal to ensure that licenses have been assigned to the right team members. The administrator can easily switch who has license access at any time to make sure that team members who need access to Astah have it.

Astah Organizational License Portal


Organizational Licensing is purchased in bulk up to a specific number of users. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Up to 10$1,190$2,490
Up to 25$2,750$5,775
Up to 50$4,950$9,950
Up to 100 $8,900$19,900
100+ or
Custom Licensing
contact us

License Comparison

Organizational AnnualOrganizational PerpetualIndividual Perpetual
License Period1 yearPerpetualPerpetual
License Portal(*1)YesYes with Active SupportNo
SupportAlways IncludedFirst Year IncludedFirst Year Included
When Support Expires(*2)Lose Access to AstahMaintain Astah functionality, but lose support and upgrade optionsMaintain Astah functionality, but lose support and upgrade options
Support Renewal FeeAnnual Price$48.80~(*3)$74
Volume discount on RenewalNoYesNo
EditionsAstah Professional, Astah GSNAstah ProfessionalAstah Professional
Price per User$89~$199~$299
(*1)Refer to: What the License Portal Offers
(*2)Refer to: How an Orginizational Perpetual license works
(*3)Refer to: Renewal Price List

How an Orginizational License Works

Your company will receive a single license file (.xml).

Anyone who has this license file will have access to Astah, until the license limit is reached.

A license administrator will be able to monitor the full list of active users for that license and grant or restrict access as needed.

What happens after support expires

There is no functional difference between Organizational Annual License and Perpetual License as long as active support is maintained. The difference between the two is what happens when support expires.

Annual Licensing always includes support and software upgrades, but the license is only active for 1 year. When the license expires, Astah will not function any longer until a new license is purchased.

Perpetual License includes support and upgrades for the first year. Once support is expired, access to the license portal is no longer available. If support is not renewed, a number of Individual Perpetual Licenses will be issued and delivered to the license administrator for distribution. These licenses will allow for continued use of Astah, but will be un-supported.

How to Renew

Annual Licensing: You need to purchase a new Organizational Annual License.

Perpetual License: You need to purchase a Support Renewal License - volume discounts are available.

Renewal Price List for Organizational Perpetual License

Up to 101 Year$740 ($74 per user)
Up to 251 Year$1,400 ($56 per user)
Up to 501 Year$2,440 ($48.80 per user)
Up to 1001 Year$4,880 ($48.80 per user)
100+contact us

Trial and Purchase

You can purchase Astah Organizational License through our on-line store or resellers. If you have any questions about pricing and licensing, feel free to contact us.