Astah Community Release Notes: 6.5.1

[Notes for Mac]

  • [Ctrl] key in this Release Note indicates [Command] key.
  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.

Astah community 6.5.1 (2011/12/19)

  • Model Version: 35
    Astah files (.asta) are backwards compatible. If the files have been edited by the newer model version of Astah, they cannot be opened in the older model version.

[New Functions/Improvements]

  • Now exporting diagram images by using astah-command.bat (except EMF) is available in Astah Community
  • Now Software Update Check and Usage Data Reporting are taken place at the same time

[Added APIs] (Please refer to Astah API User Guide)

  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.project.ProjectAccessor
    • IEntity getEntity(String id);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.IState
    • void setEntry(String entry);
    • void setDoActivity(String doActivity);
    • void setExit(String exit);
    • void addInternalTransition(String event, String guard, String action);
    • void deleteAllInternalTransitions();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.ITransition
    • void setGuard(String guard);
    • void setAction(String action);
    • void setEvent(String event);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.IInteractionOperand
    • IMessage[] getMessages();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.model.ILinkPresentation
    • Point2D[] getAllPoints();
    • void setAllPoints(Point2D[] points);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.editor.MindmapEditor
    • void setBoundaryVisibility(INodePresentation topic, boolean visibility);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.editor.StructureDiagramEditor
    • ILinkPresentation createContainmentLinkPresentation(INodePresentation parentLinkEnd, INodePresentation childLinkEnd);
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.view.IProjectViewManager
    • List getSelectedEntities();
  • com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.view.IDiagramViewManager
    • List getSelectedPresentations();
    • List getOpenDiagrams();
    • void open(IDiagram diagram);
    • void closeCurrentDiagramEditor();
    • void close(IDiagram diagram);
    • void closeAll();
    • void select(IPresentation presentation);
    • void select(List presentations);
    • void selectAll();
    • void unselectAll();
    • double toWorldCoordX(int xInDeviceCoord);
    • double toWorldCoordY(int yInDeviceCoord);
    • int toDeviceCoordX(double xInWorldCoord);
    • int toDeviceCoordY(double yInWorldCoord);

[Fixed Bugs]

  • [4623] File chooser's filters does not work properly on Java 7
  • [4658] (Mac) Astah cannot handle canonical compositions in project file name correctly
  • [4671] The blue highlighted line shown when changing destination of generalization does not navigate properly when if the generalization is shown in horizontal shared style
  • [4672] Generalization lines cannot be manipulated property when its shown in horizontal shared style
  • [4683] projectClosed of ProjectEventListener cannot be called with Plugin API
  • [4691] (Mac) When saving a new project, there is no default file name appear in a file chooser
  • [4704] Inserting a new vertical partition in Activity Diagram could move existing models to somewhere else and overlap on them
  • [4708] An exception happens by calling getTarget()/getSource() of ILinkPresentation if it has a Note
  • [4723] When copying and pasting models in Sequence Diagrams, pasted models will lose the display order of models
  • [4727] Check mark on [Icon Notation] on Lifeline's Pop-up menu in the Sequence Diagram appears incorrectly
  • [4736] If a line-break exists in root topic of Mind Map, a line-break will also appear in a default file name that shows upon on exporting the Mind Map to images or other format files
  • [#77] Plug-ins may not function properly on Java7
  • [4777] ILinkPresentation.getProperties() throws an IndexOutOfBoundsException

[Existing Bugs]

  • [4034] [Mac] Astah could freeze when printing or previewing on Mac OS X 10.5
  • [4005] [Mac] Astah freezes when selecting [Print] - [Save as PDF] on Mac OS X 10.5