Astah Community Release Notes

Astah Community 6.6.4

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Release Date: October 31, 2012
Model Version: 36 (Compatibility Chart)


Fixed Bugs

Attention / Notes for Mac


  • Content Assist for Type and Operations within Sequence Diagrams.. helps you model faster!
    Content Assist
  • API Extension - More than 5 new API methods to access models. This is even easier with the free Script Plug-in.
    Script Plugin
    • Add/Delete States - Check if models have specific stereotypes
    • Add constraints to Classes
    • Get information if the project is on editing
    • Edit Nodes and Components
    • Get information about relative location in the diagram editor
    • Get full path of models, Astah's installation folder information.. See more at Astah API

  • [Copy/Paste] context menu now available in the Property View
  • An ability to name Pseudostates in Statemachine and Activity Diagram
  • Improved the behavior of suggest feature in sequence diagrams.
  • Improved some fonts in Main menu and structure trees for Retina display

Fixed Bugs

  • [1861] Using platform dependent characters in Windows8 crashes Astah.
  • [1572] An exception error occurs by setting an inappropriate Class for Template Parameter.
  • [1571] Files won't open by double-clicking .asta file on Linux if its file path contains space.
  • [1337] Astah may not launch with any plug-ins stored under $USER_HOME/.astah.
  • [1316] Command Line tool may fail sometimes on Mac.
  • [1188] Nautilus and Astah icons are not associated on Linux.
  • [1093] Drag and drop doesn't function for Sequence diagrams if it is selected with DiagramDropTargetListener
  • [880] Directory or file names do not appear completely on Mac with Java7.
  • [551] MIME Type of .asta file specified in Linux is incorrect.
  • [540] Unable to convert Association Classes to Associations if the Association Classes have self-association to SubSystem.
  • [533] Classes with same name can be created incorrectly under SubSystem by dragging and dropping the classes from the Structure Tree to diagram.
  • [479] [Shift+Enter] doesn't function to create new Attributes on Mac.
  • [236] Saving files fails on Mac if the file patch includes canonical compositions.

Notes for Mac OS X

  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.