Astah Community Release Notes

Astah Community 6.7

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Release Date: March 14, 2013
Model Version: 36 (Compatibility Chart)

New Functions / Improvements

Fixed Bugs

Notes for Mac

New Functions/Improvements

(Highlighted New Features)

  • You can configure the order of your Plug-ins in the [Plug-in List] dialog.
  • Improved the size of Mini icons so that they appear more scaled.
  • The suggest icon appears in the 4 places for DecisionMerge in Activity Diagram.
  • Astah log files include more detailed information.
  • Improved performance when launching Astah wiht many Plug-ins installed.
  • Improved modification of Constraints in the property view.
  • Updated the label of models in Statemachine diagrams to UML 2.x
  • Improved the behavior when creating Provided/Required Interfaces
  • Astah remembers the status of Extra view.
  • Improved selected Mind Map icons.
  • Improved the performance when large numbers of models are drawn in a diagram.
  • Installation/Uninstallation of Plug-ins is now available on the [Plug-in] list.
  • Inability to save a file when you import models that were created with newer edition of Astah.
  • Improved the System Properties.
  • Now Astah runs on Java7.
  • Better navigation to assist drawing right-angle lines.
  • Astah Notification is now added.

New Functions in the API

See Methods and details

  • Get the information of the source of CallBehaviorAction via API.
  • Get icons of Model, Pin and SubSystem via API.
  • Use the API via Proxy and Network configured in Astah.
  • Get the information of direction of Association's name.

Fixed Bugs

  • [506] An exception error happens when setting the target of External Part as "Unknown Type" in Component Diagram.
  • [604] When saving a project with a name with period in it, text after the period will disappear.
  • [715] Editing Part names will undo the alignment of Port labels.
  • [797] Astah fails to launch if there is no "plugin" folder under the installation folder and there is a plug-in .jar file in the "plugin"folder under the Userhome.
  • [1055] An exception error occurs when entering the constraint only to the Attributes/Operations in the Diagram Editor.
  • [1061] No further actions are allowed after some exception error happened.
  • [1088] The look of the combo box has visibility problems on Mac with Aqua look and feel.
  • [1187] You cannot choose any options on the pop-up menu while you select plural curved lines.
  • [1858] An exception error happens when adding an operation to SubSystem by [Shift+Enter] shortcut key.
  • [1860] It is unable to add a file from another drive as a hyperlink on Mac.
  • [1886] Nothing happens after clicking [Print] menu.
  • [1987] You cannot terminate the lifeline within the CombinedFragment in Sequence Diagram.
  • [1996] An exception error could occur when creating vertical partitions continuously.
  • [2058] You cannot unable the content assist by hiding Windows with ESC key in Sequence Diagram.
  • [2167] The auto-adjustment of lifelines in Sequence diagrams does not function properly sometimes.
  • [2278] Status appears incorrectly on the menu of Template Binding visibility setting.
  • [2320] When opening a diagram that contains great numbers of model elements could throw a stackover flow error.
  • [2553] Saving files loses the visibility setting of Qualifier Type.
  • [2676] Grid line appears over diagram frame.
  • [2999] Diagram focus jumps automatically during modifying models.
  • [3016] An exception error happens when executing [Undo] after creating a message in Communication Diagram.

Fixed bugs related to API

  • [1095] An exception error happens when calling isPublicVisibility() or setVisibility(String) to IComment via API.
  • [1124] An exception error happens when Plug-in's SymbolicName and version's combination is not unique.
  • [1217] An exception error happens when calling isPublicVisibility() or setVisibility(String) to IComment via API. An exception error happens when using "setVisibility() to Association End via API.
  • [2527] IAttribute.getConnectors() always returns 0.
  • [2701] Calling IAttribute.getType() to Part with unknownType should return Null.
  • [2704] IClass.getAttributes() returns wrong attributes.

Notes for Mac OS X

  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.