Astah Community Release Notes

Astah Community 7.0

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Release Date: June 24, 2015
Model Version: 37 (Compatibility Chart)


Fixed Bugs

Notes for Mac


Java8 Support

  • [6110] Java8 as runtime environment
  • [6148] Java8 Pre-installed Template


  • [1949] Retina display support
  • [5775] Full Screen Mode Support
  • [6183] Now file opens with another instance when opening a file from Finder


  • [0565] An alert message, "A knob cannot be placed here." no longer appears when moving Assosiations's edge.
  • [0979] [Delete from Diagram] menu is now on the context menu of Relationships such as association, generalizations
  • [4059] Adjusted minimum size of Property View (Left bottom pane)
  • [5308] Line elements such as associations no longer has drop shadow
  • [5677] Ability to wrap text for models in Statemachine diagram and Activity Diagram
  • [5694] High-resolution display support
  • [5891] The last status of "Reply Message Automatic Mode" is saved the memory in the Sequence diagram
  • [5896] Self-association line is always made in Right-angle mode
  • [5902] Ability to attach Notes anywhere on the line elements
  • [5984] Launch Astah without Startup screen if it detects any problems with Startup screen
  • [6089] New icons
  • [6131] Simplified Main menu bar
  • [6232] No more shadow and gradation on model elements
  • [6269] Simplified tool palette of Activity Diagram

Fixed Bugs

Class Diagram

  • [5921] Default setting does not apply for Operation Type
  • [5976] Unable to add stereotype from Association Class's pop-up menu when stereotype visibility is off on the diagram
  • [6054] An exception error happens when edigin parameters
  • [6077] Deleting realization deletes Interfaces

Sequence Diagram

  • [5755] Moving CombinedFragment in horizontal way, it nests another CombinedFragment
  • [5810] Unable to create Termination inside a CombinedFragment
  • [5851] Moving lifelines adds unnecessary space to CombinedFragment

Statemachine Diagram

  • [5840] Moving an Initial Pseudostate out of its region makes an exception error
  • [5768] Moving multiple Entry points and Exit Points once with cursor key makes an exception error

Deployment Diagram

  • [5766] Shortcut key [Ctrl+R]/[Ctrl+M] add Attributes and Operations to the Nodes

Common diagrams/others

  • [5768] An exception happens when moving Activity Parameter Nodes and Ports all together with cursor key
  • [5971] Double clicking the file in [Recent projects] will open the file duplicated
  • [5987] Unable to open a project if it contains connectors that has Type specified
  • [5266] Resizing Window size opens [Extra View] always
  • [5695] Progress bar that appears during reversing Java Source code does not work properly
  • [6065] [Default Item Size] under System Properties does not apply correctly
  • [6075] Astah does not work properly after moving the display from multi-display to single/
  • [6130] Astah freezes when changing the text to specific Japanese characters on Mac
  • [6159] Unable to add Association to Association Class in referenced model and also unable to specify the association class to the base class of InstanceSpecification

Notes for Mac OS X

  • You cannot drag Diagram Editor's tabs to move sideways on Aqua Look and Feel.