Sharing Astah Files

In order to share Astah files with other team members, go to [Upload] on the top right of the screen.

Select Project Name where this file is to be uploaded and target astah file to upload. and then press [Upload]. If the same name Astah file already exists, you will be asked if you want to overwrite or cancel. If you choose to overwrite, the Astah file will be overwritten, however all the comments will stay until the diagram is deleted.

Reload the Astah file list after uploading. The list will be refreshed.

All the Astah files in the list can be viewed by all the registered members and downloaded and modified with Astah UML or Astah Professional.

If you have trouble uploading an Astah file please see our FAQ.


You are able to add comments to models such as questions, advices.. It helps the team members to share all the design information and to know its progresses.

Comments will be moved as well when models which have comments move.

Adding comments on diagrams

You can add comments on diagrams, classes, UseCases and topics.

Double-click on the diagram to add comments. Click the comments to modify the comments.

Adding color to comments

You can change the color of comments. This can help everyone to know who commented on or what kind of comments by the color.

Replying to comments

You are able to add reply comments by selecting [Reply] button.

All the comments will be displayed in the Comment List.

Filtering comments

You are able to use filters to show some comments and to hide comments.

Printing diagrams with comments

You are able to print diagrams with comments on.

Permalinks Permalink is a URL that points to a specific content of Astah Share.

By specifying this URL in web browser, you can directly access a specific content. Send the permalink UML after adding comments to your team members, so they can see the diagrams and your comments by one click

Access Control

All the users will be allocated the roles for the project.

  • Project owner Project owner has all the authority to manage Astah files, comments an reply comments.
  • Member Members are allowed to register astah files and add comments.
  • Commenter Commenters are allowed only to add comments. They are not allowed to register or upload astah files.
  • Visitor Visitors can only see the registered projects.

Astah Share provides the Access Control.

In order to allocate the role to users, you need to log in as project manager and set the role from Project Management screen or log in as Astah Share administrator and set the role up from Project/User Management screen