Astah Share Overveiw Page

Astah Share is a communication tool enables you to share files with others with web browsers and it boosts smooth and efficient communications for large teams.

This tutorial is designed for beginners starting out Astah Share to learn the concepts of Astah Share, things like, case studies and workflows. (In this tutorial, Astah Share has been installed on the Windows OS.)

Astah Share Overview Items:


Astah Share enables you to browse models on a browser by registering project files into Astah Share.

You are able to add comments or questions on the model through the web browser and by doing so, it promotes the discussion among the team which bears better results. Read more...


Astah Share provides you with some convenient functionalities for the team collaboration such as a Permalink which is a URL that points to a specific content of Astah Share, Access controlling, commentings and its display filter etc. Read More...


In order to use a licensed astah* share, you need to set up a license. This explains how to register a license, set up license in Astah Share and then how to register users and projects to use Astah Share. Read more.

Download / Installing Astah Share

Please Read this Install Guide for more information about downloading and installing Astah Share.

Other Notes About Share

Please take a minutes and read some notes about the proformance of Astah Share

Embedding Images

It is easy to use Astah Share to embed images directly to a more