Install/Uninstall Astah Share

Before you install Astah Share

Before you begin installing Astah Share, please make sure that your machine meets all the system requirements.
Also Astah Share requires the following TCP ports:

  • Apache Tomcat Browser - Port 7080 is required for HTTP connection between Tomcat
  • H2 Database Engine - Port 8082 is required to manage Web Interface and Port 9092 is required for JDBC connection

How to install Astah Share

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  1. Download an archive file of Astah Share from the download page
  2. Extract the archive file (.zip) and double-click "startup.bat" file to launch
  3. The Tomcat server should start shortly. Open the URL below in your browser
  4. You will be asked to log in, do so as the default administrator with the information below:
  5. Email address:
    Password: jsadmin

  6. You are all set to start uploading files with Astah Share

Start exploring Astah Share with Astah Share Help!

How to register to Windows Service and Customize

How to register to Windows Service

Open a Command prompt and execute the commands as they follow.
Specify JAVA_HOME and CATALINA_HOME first and then register the service name, "astahshare".
You can name the service name as you like, but it should not have any spaces or symbols.

C:\> set JAVA_HOME=C:\astah-share-2_8\server\jre C:\> set CATALINA_HOME=C:\astah-share-2_8\server
C:\> C:\astah-share-2_8\server\bin\service.bat install astahshare

Service name [astahshare] and its display name [Apache Tomcat astahshare] are now registered.

How to customize a registered Windows Service

To change its display name, the JavaVM, Initial memory pool or Maximum memory pool, execute the following command and open the configuration screen.

C:\> C:\astah-share-2_8\server\bin\tomcat6w //ES//astahshare