About Astah Usage Data

Change Vision, Inc.
September 29th, 2011

At Change Vision, we always try to provide products that our customers want, and are able to use fully. We always try to design and improve our products to meet our customer’s needs better, to this end we collect information about how our customers use Astah.

Sending the information is voluntary and collected information will be sent to the Astah Support center from your computer every time you close Astah. The information includes what features you use and how many times you use it. It does not include any modeling information that you designed with Astah.

You will not be asked to participate in any surveys or receive any junk emails or be contacted in any other ways by sending us the information.

If you decide to stop sending the information, you can change the setting to do so in the [System Properties] at any time.
Astah Usage Data

Thank you for helping us to create better software.

The Change Vision Development Team