How to Customize Keybinds

  1. Close Astah if you have it running
  2. You can find the “astah-key.properties_org” in the Astah installation folder

  3. Copy this file and save it in the Userhome\.astah\professional (uml, sysml or gsn)
  4. Rename this file to “”

  5. Open this file, remove “#” from the line of Shortcut key you want to change and set the key value (xxx.key)

  6. Save the file and then restart Astah


  • Do not make duplicated keys
  • By default, some different operations share the same Shortcut key(xxx.key), if you decide to change one of them, make sure to change them all
  • If you re-install Astah (by getting a newer version, etc), adjust the difference between the new “astah-key.properties_org” and your customized “” file