CTO of Astah, Kenji Hiranabe interviewed Janet Gregory, co-author of “Agile Testing” talks about “Learning Journeys for the Whole Team”.

About her book – “More Agile Testing”

Testing is central to the success of agile development, but key aspects of the tester’s role remain ambiguous or misunderstood. In More Agile Testing, two world-renowned agile test experts ask tough questions about agile testing – and provide definitive answers based on the experiences of successful agile teams worldwide.

Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory pioneered the agile testing discipline with their first book, Agile Testing. Now, they reflect on all that’s been learned in five years since it was published, addressing crucial additional issues and sharing newly evolved best practices for successfully integrating testing throughout your agile project…..

“More Agile Testing” by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

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In Agile, “Testing” is an activity, not a “phase”.

In the interview, Janet tells us that testing is about asking questions to the software or to people about assumptions.
When in traditional testing or in traditional projects, testing is at the end and we base it on the requirements that are written at the beginning so there’s often a mismatch.
In agile, we want to test throughout, so it’s an “activity” – not a “phase”.

She also tells us the importance of building the trust between testers and developers.
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