– Expert MBSE Consulting and Training Services –

NORASI Team is our esteemed partner company specializing in training and consulting services.
They are dedicated to cultivating professional systems engineers and use our product, Astah, for training purposes.


NORASI Team is a leading provider of systems engineering training and consulting services. With a strong commitment to raising the bar in engineering education, NORASI leverages advanced methodologies and tools to enhance the skills and competencies of engineering professionals. Learn more about NORASI and their mission here.

Training Services Provided:

NORASI Team offers a comprehensive suite of training services designed to foster expertise in systems engineering.
Detailed information about their training services can be found here.

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Tool to Use in Training:

NORASI Team tailors the tools used in their training and consulting services to meet specific client needs and requirements.
If you prefer to incorporate Astah System Safety into your training, NORASI is equipped to accommodate this request.
Please specify your preference for using Astah products when arranging your training sessions.

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Training Service Languages:

The training services provided by NORASI Team are available in Thai and English.
This enables them to cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring a wide-reaching impact on engineering education.

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Training Regions:

NORASI Team offers MBSE training and consulting services in various regions.
For details on availability and to discuss your training needs:

Please contact NORASI Team.

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Contact Information:

If you are interested in advancing your engineering skills through NORASI’s professional training services or have questions, please get in touch with them through the following means:

Feel free to reach out to NORASI Team directly to discuss your training needs and how they can assist you in achieving your professional goals.