BlockGSN, goal Structuring notation, assurance, safety dependabilityGSN, goal Structuring notation, assurance, safety dependability

Astah GSN is an intuitive safety modeling platform for designing System Assurance, Dependability, Safety and more.

Features Overview

  • Input-Output

  • SACM (Structured Assurance Case Metamodel) Export/Import
  • ARM (Assurance Argument Metamodel) Export/Import
  • JPEG, PNG, EMF, or SVG Export
  • Export Mind Map to PowerPoint/RTF
  • Printing, Print Preview

"The use of assurance cases is becoming increasingly widespread in the development and assessment of high integrity systems across many domains (e.g. medical, process industries, nuclear, automotive, transportation and defence). For example, the new automotive safety standard ISO26262 requires the production of a safety case. GSN is an important technique in helping construct and present clear assurance case arguments. It's great to see tools such as Astah GSN - built on top of the SACM and GSN standard, bring tool support for GSN to the growing worldwide community of GSN users, including Japan."

Prof. Tim Kelly, Department of Computer Science University of York