GSN is a Safety Argument Notation
For ensuring your system safety
GSN -Goal Structuring Notation - is a technique to visualize an argument structure that proves a claim to be true.

GSN has been increasingly used for safety cases in such as ISO26262(automotive), DO-178B(airplane), etc... Astah GSN is a right choice for you for your system safety assuarance.
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Why Astah GSN?

astah, What Astah GSN offers
Works on any OS
Astah GSN works on Windows, Linux and Mac. So you can create GSN on Windows and pass the file to your boss who is a Mac user for a review.
astah, What Astah GSN offers
Easy to use
Astah GSN is built on a platform which has been refined over 10 years with user feedback. You can start creating GSN with a ease right after you install.
astah, What Astah GSN offers
SACM Import/Export
Astah GSN is a modeling tool, not just a drawing tool. So your GSN models can be exported as SACM(ARM) - the OMG Standard. Also SACM import is available.

What Astah GSN offers

Goal Structuring Notation
Astah GSN complies with GSN Community Standard ver1.0. Also the benefit of using tool is that you can reuse GSN for common strctures in safety case arguments. Easier to work with patterns.
Mind Maps
Mind Mapping
Mindmap is included in Astah GSN. Mindmap is also a graphic tool to bring keywords and connecting them. In Astah GSN, you can convert Mindmaps to GSN, so starting with Mindmaps to create GSN is available in Astah GSN!
Copy and Paste
Image Export
You can save GSN models in PNG, JPEG, EMF and SVG. You can also copy them to clipboard, so it is easy to paste GSN on your documentations such as in Microsoft Word...etc.
SACM Import/Export
You can import/export SACM (ARM) - OMG standard.
Free Plugins
You can add features to your Astah GSN by installing free plugins!
astah* GSNはGSNの
Scripting Language
By installing Script Editor, you can access GSN models by using the ECMAScript(JavaScript).


Tim Kelly

Department of Computer Science and Department of Management Studies University of York

The use of assurance cases is becoming increasingly widespread in the development and assessment of high integrity systems across many domains (e.g. medical, process industries, nuclear, automotive, transportation and defence). For example, the new automotive safety standard ISO26262 requires the production of a safety case. GSN is an important technique in helping construct and present clear assurance case arguments. It's great to see tools such as astah* GSN - built on top of the SACM and GSN standard, bring tool support for GSN to the growing worldwide community of GSN users, including Japan.