Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my Annual Academic License and How?

Yes, you can extend an Annual Academic License by simply registering another Annual Academic License. Follow the steps below:

  1. Please purchase a new Annual Academic License from our on-line store, or one of our distributors. Have your license number and Validation code for your new Annual Academic License ready.
  2. Log into ChangeVision Members and click on [License Management].

    CV Members License Management

  3. Select the target license and [Renew this license], and click [next] button.

    CV Members Add Timed License

  4. Enter your new License Number and Validation Code, and press [Confirm].

    CV Members Add Timed License2

  5. License information will be displayed. Please make sure all content(e-mail address and new license information) is correct. And, click the [Register License] button.

    CV Members Add Timed License3

  6. You will receive an e-mail with an URL inside from us. Please discard your former license key as it is no longer valid.
  7. Launch Astah and go to [Tool] - [License] - [License Management] and specify your new license key file.