Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a Single Academic License?

Academic Licenses are available for Astah Professional, follow the steps below to register an Academic License:

  1. Please have a license number and Validation code of your License ready. You can purchase an Academic License through our on-line store or through any of our resellers.
  2. Log into ChangeVision Members and click on [License Registration]

    Astah Members Register License1

  3. Enter your License Number and the Validation Code of your License.

    CV Members Inputcode

  4. Select the start date of validity period.

    CV Members Start Date

  5. License information will be displayed. Please make sure all content(e-mail address and license information) is correct and press [Register License] button.

    CV Members Confirm

  6. A License Key will be sent to you via email.
  7. Launch Astah, the [License Management] window will open automatically, select [Set License Key] and enter your license key. If the [License Management] window doesn't open, you can open it with [Tool] - [License].