Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew a Organizational License?

If you are using "Annual" license, purchase a new Organizational License (Annual).
If you are using "Perpetual" license, purchase a "Organizational License Support Renewal".

  1. Purchase another Organizational License (Annual) or Organizational License Renewal from our online store or from a reseller.
  2. Have the License Manager log into the Change Vision members site where the existing license is registered, and click the [License Management] button.
    CV Members License Management
  3. Your existing license should appear, select [Add Node Count License] from the dropdown list and click [Next]. (If your former license is expired then you need to register as a first time user, see the following FAQ: How do I register a Organizational License for the first time?)
    Node Count Renew
  4. Enter the License Number and Validation Code of your new Organizational License and select [Renew (xxx-xxx) then click [Next]. The time period in the bracket shows the validity period of your new Organizational License after the renewal.
    Node Count Renewal Dates
  5. Your license information will be displayed. Please make sure all of the content (e-mail address and license information) in new License is correct, also note the new expiration date. Then click the [Register License] button.
    Node Count Validity Dates
  6. Your license registration is completed. An e-mail will be sent to you.
  7. Please distribute the new license key file(.xml) to all the end-users.

NOTE: When an end-user launches Astah for the first time after the Organizational License is renewed, it automatically updates the end-users license if the machine is connected to the network. If Astah is used off-line, the end-user needs to connect to the network to detect the update, or manually set the new license key file from [Tool] - [License] - [Set License Key].