Astah API Sample

The Astah API is available for Astah Professional and Astah Community.

The Astah API is a Java Interface Group that enables you to develop application software with Astah Model data. To run the applications developed by using the Astah API you need to have a system environment to Run Astah. See The Astah API Page for more details.


Please read [License Agreement for Astah API Sample Programs] in the Astah install folder carefully before using. By using the sample applications, you agree to be bound by the terms of this license agreement.

Sample Applications

API sample applications are supplied with Astah. You can find them in the Astah Install folder \api\sample.

Astah ProfessionalAstah Community
CSV Export
Simple Edit*
Simple Read*

*This is a sample to show how the Astah API is used.

To learn more about Astah API, please refer to the API Users Guide. (Go to [Start] in Windows - [All Programs] - [Astah Professional (or Astah Community)] - [API User Guide])

Astah API Forum

The Astah API forum is available on the Astah User's Community Site, we accept submissions of applications you develop by using the Astah API and distribute them. We look forward to receiving many varieties of applications or ideas!