Customizing Keybind

Astah has preset shortcut keys that you can use to make diagramming in Astah quicker and easier.
However, you can also customize these keyboard shortcuts to your personal preferences.

How to Customize the shortcut keys

  1. Close Astah if you have it running
  2. You can find the "astah-key.properties_org" in the Astah installation folder
    Short Cut Key Image 1
  3. Copy this file and save it in the Userhome\.astah\professional (community, sysml or gsn)
  4. Rename this file to ""
  5. Short Cut Key Image 2
  6. Open this file, remove "#" from the line of Shortcut key you want to change and set the key value (xxx.key)
    Short Cut Key Image 3
  7. Save the file and then restart Astah


  • Do not make duplicated keys
  • By default, some different operations share the same Shortcut key(xxx.key), if you decide to change one of them, make sure to change them all
  • If you re-install Astah (by getting a newer version, etc), adjust the difference between the new "astah-key.properties_org" and your customized "" file