FAQ - Organizational Licensing

How do I register multiple Organizational Licenses?

If you purchased Perpetual

License registration will be proceeded by us and you will be receiving a license file from
us. So you can go to Step10.

If you purchased Annual

  1. License manager logs into CV Members site and click [License Registration].
  2. Enter one license number and validation code. Click [Add].
  3. Your license information appears, click [Next].
  4. Click [Register License].
  5. Click [License Management] menu.
  6. The license information appears. Choose [Add/Renew Licenses] and click [Next].
  7. Choose [Add new and co-term...] and click [Add].
  8. Click [Next].
  9. Make sure that your email address is correct, then click [Register License].
  10. Email is sent to you with an access URL to download the license file. Distribute the license key file(.xml) to all the end users. Or you can directly download it from the website.
  11. Launch Astah, go to [Tools] - [License]. Click [Set License key] and specify the license file you downloaded.
  12. Each user can use Astah by activating the license on their machine.

Organizational License is available for

  astah professional  Astah GSN