FAQ - Faculty Site Licensing

I purchased multi-year of Faculty Site license. How to register them?

  1. Log into CV Members site and click [License Registration].
  2. Enter one license number and validation code. Click [Add].
  3. License information appears. Choose start date, click [Next].
  4. Click [Register License].
  5. Click [License Management].
  6. The license information appears. Choose [Renew this License] and click [Next].
  7. Enter another license information and click [Next].
  8. Click [Register License].
  9. Repeat this step if you have more licenses. When it completed, distribute the last-issued license to the end-users. Or you can directly download it from the website.
  10. Each student can use Astah by setting this license up on their machine from [Help](or [Tools]) - [License] - [Set License key].