Value of Astah's Support & Maintenance

When you purchase an Astah Perpetual License, the first year of support and maintenance is included. From the 2nd year on to continue to receive support and upgrades you must purchase an Astah Support Renewal License.

What Astah Support & Maintenance offers:

The latest Astah upgrades

  • Astah keeps up with the ever-changing technologies and environments (Java version, OS version) with Astah upgrads you can too

Bug-fix downloads

  • Not only the official bug-fix releases, we provide personal bug-fix releases, so you won't lose time waiting for the official release

Fast solutions by professional & skilled technical engineers

  • Our highly skilled and experienced professionals provide solutions to your problems quickly and efficiently via email, live-chat, and Skype

License transfer within a team

  • With an active support license, you can transfer the licenses when there is a personnel change in your team

How to renew

Purchase an Astah Professional Support Renewal License ($74) and activate it on our website.