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Easy Code Reverse Plugin on Astah

Hi everyone, I'm using astah version 7.0.0/846701 and installed Easy Code Reverse Plugin version 1.0.3. But when I drag and drop URL directly into an Astah class diagram, an error alert appearanced:"Error when parsing the code". I tried to reverse .java file.

Product: Astah Professional

I am very sorry that you get an error when you use Astah Easy Code Reverse Plugin.

In order to investigate, could you please let me know the URL you tried?

Hello, I got the same error from trying to reverse a .java file from my Bitucket account. I am afraid the URL won't be accessible to you. Can you please help me?

Hi Marina,

Sorry about the error. Could you email us ( a log file named "easycodereverse.log"? You can find it in the userhome/.asta/professional directory.

Thanks, Satomi

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