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Astah Community/Professional and Mac OS Sierra

Recently, I updated the operational system of my computer (a Mac Book Pro) to MacOS Sierra and, since then, Astah Community have presented several problems (e.g., it is not possible to access functionalities by using the right button of the mouse, it is not possible visualize diagrams by clicking twice on them, among others). Is there any incompatibility between Astah Community (version 7.1.0/f2c212) and MacOS Sierra? I also tried to use Astah Professional (version 7.1.0/f2c212), but the problems remained. Could someone help me, please? Thanks in advance.

Product: Astah Community

Thank you very much for your report.

A number of mouse-troubles on many applications are reported on Mac Sierra and it seems to be true that Sierra picks movements of the mouse more sensitive than ever. So we presume that when you right-click, there might be a chance that mouse is not completely still and the Sierra will take it as a "drag" not as a click and responds incorrectly.

Are you using a Magic Mouse? If so try switching to USB mouse and see if the problem remains.

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