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Error on first login to AstahShare

Hallo, I just installed AstahShare on a debian jessie x64 machine. Everything seems up and running.

But if I try to login the first time I receive the following message: "Error was occurred class:com.change_vision.webpf.control.commands::LoginCommand type:fault code:Server.Processing invalid constant type: 18"

Free license is in %astahshare%/data/ Java version is "1.8.0_121". Tomcat is the one included. AstahShare version is Version 2.8(Support Period:2015/02/28)

What can I do to solve this?

Regards, Steffen Windhab

Product: Astah Share

Hi Steffen,

Sorry about the error. Could you please email me the free license you stored in %astahshare%/data/?




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