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Plugin tutorial page out

Hi guys,

I am building a plugin for Astah and I was using the tutorial available in However, this link is going to a 404 Error page now. Is it just some random error or the plugin development support is being discontinued? Hope the latter not to be true.

Thank you.

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for your post and sorry about the 404 error. Will fix. In the meanwhile, you can access the tutorial from the URL below.

PS: What kind of plugin are you planning to create?



Thank you Satomi,

I am developing a plugin to automatically check refinements of behavioural UML models, starting with sequence diagrams. In fact, I am having a problem right now related to external libs that should be used by the plugin. I have inserted the dependencies in the pom.xml using the "system" scope. However, when I lauch the plugin, Astah doesn't seem to be loading the library (a jar file) that I have declared because the console shows a ClassNotFoundException of a class belonging to this specific library. Do you have any idea on how to solve this issue?



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