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Association between imported Java Classes

I am using Astah Professional 7.1 to import a Java Project so I can generate the class diagram automaticaly.

But I have a little issue, there are some association relations (when one class depends of some other one via a method) that does not appear on the generated diagram, and I'm not sure if Astah can identify those relations for me. I am aware that those dependencies apear in the traceability map, but it would be usefull for me if I could have them in the class diagram.

Source Code

Class Diagram


Product: Astah Professional

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Unfortunately, Astah does not import the method body, so the dependencies in the method body like Person person = null; won't be imported in the class diagram.

If you have further questions or requests, please let us know at any time.



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