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Drag & Drop from class (actor) to Use Case

I created a simple class diagram with 3 classes (Lecturer, Student, Exam). Then I created a Use Case diagram in the same project and would like to drag & drop the class Lecturer from the left panel (where all my classes from the project are listed) into the Use Case diagram but nothing happens.

I have used Astah before (about 2 years ago) and I remember that it worked back then.

If I copy the class from the class diagram, I can paste it into the Use Case diagram but this is of course not what I want.

FYI: Right now I am on a trial Astah Professional license (Version 7.0.0) on a Mac (I used to have a Windows PC though, is there something wrong with the Mac version or is drag & drop not possible anymore?)

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for your post and sorry about the issue you are encountering.

However we cannot reproduce it (D&D classes onto UseCase diagram works.) on our environment below:

  • Astah Professional: Ver 7.0.0 / 846701
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.12.6
  • Java: Oracle ver 1.8.0_45

If you are on a trial, you can update to version7.1.0. So please do so and see if it still happens on 7.1.0. If D&D does not work still, please send me the log files to

Thank you!


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