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Setting a description for MindMap nodes

Hi. I'm evaluating the Astah Pro Version.

I'd like to set a small description on mindmap nodes. Is it possible?

What about the descriptions of an imported MindMap from FreeMind/FreePlane?

Product: Astah Professional

Hello Raphael,

We're afraid that you cannot add description for each node. Only way possible is using the text to write a description and place near the topic.

Image Text

All the descriptions set for each node in FreeMind file will not be transferred when importing to Astah with FreeMind Import Plugin.

Will consider adding this feature in future releases.

Thanks! SJ

Hi, thank you for your response!

It would be very nice to implement the possibility of adding a node-description like in freemind (not in the map, but somewhere in a small 'outsourced' section).

Looking for the next update ;-)


There are two ways of adding an information to a node:

  • node-details
  • node-notice

It would be nice, if you could implement the two ways in diagramm and import-process.

-There are two ways of adding an information to a node:-

+There are two ways of adding an information to a node in FreeMind/FreePlane:+

Hi Raphael,

Thanks for the additional information!

I'm not really familiar with the FreeMind so please tell me the followings:

What's the difference between node-details and node-notice?

I assume that the node-details is what you enter in the text field below the mind map. Image Text

Q: If so, what is the node-notice?

Q: Which do you use more often?

Thanks! SJ

Hi, i use a FreeMind-fork named FreePlane ( Maybe the node-details are only implemented in this fork. I use both 50/50.

Image Text

Hi Raphael,

Thanks for your reply and an image - very clear and easy to understand. :)

Cheers, SJ

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