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I do not want to show the Visibitity (-,=,# and ~) on the attributes

I do not want to show the Visibility (-,=,# and ~) on the attributes or operations for the current class diagram. I can not figure how to stop the Visibility (-,=,# and ~) from appearing.

Regards, Shazam

Using Astah Professional

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Shazam,

Thank you for your question.

You can stop the Visibility from appearing by the following two ways.

1-1. Open the context menu of the class on the diagram

1-2. Select [Extended Visibility] - [Visibility Kind Visibility]


2-1. Open [Initial Visibility] tab of the property view for the class diagram

2-2. Check off [Attribute and Operation Visibility Kind Visibility]

2-3. Click [Apply to existing elements]

If you have further questions or requests, please let us know at any time.



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