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Show export file from astah on extended view

Hi astah,

I would like to show the export file from astah of my project on the extended view. How can I do this? My project with the plugin of extended works on hello world. I would love to know.

Thanks in advance, Jason

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Jason,

Could you refer to Astah Bookmark Plug-in to know how to deal with the extended view in Astah?

If you need more information, please tell me more details about "show the export file from Astah of my project on the extended view"? What would you like to show on the extended view? What is the export file from Astah?




Thanks for your reply. In astah u can export your project to an xml file. I would like to show that xml file on the extended view tab. How can I do this?


Hi Jason,

Thank you for your explanation. Now, I understand what you would like to develop in Astah. Currently, we do not have the sample code for this, but you may use the following information.

There is an API to export XML from Astah to a file :

(This will export XMI to a file. You may use this file to show XMI in the extended view. )

Also, please see Astah Bookmark Plug-in as a sample of the extended view in Astah.



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