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How to represent a c++ parameter whose type is in another namespace in class diagram?

I use package to represent c++ namespace

for example here is the structure :

    |------security (package)
    |                 |--------security_manager (class)          //what if there is a operation in sercurity_manager class that will use eType, how to represent it ?
    |------thread (package)
    |------common (package)
                      |--------state (class)
                                         |---------eType (subclass)

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Dangle,

Thanks for your post.

First, this is your model structure.

Image Text

  1. Drag and drop the security_manager class to a diagram, click the green icon to add an operation Image Text
  2. Select the operation, and go down to the left-bottom pane to open the operation's property view. Choose [Parameters] tab and click [Add] button to add a parameter Image Text
  3. When you specify the type, a drop-down menu appears, choose "eType" Image Text
  4. Now the "eType" is represented in the the security_manager class on the diagram Image Text

Hope this helps. If this isn't what you are asking for, let me know!

Cheers, SJ

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