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Window 8 Astah Pro 7.2.0 fails to launch

Hi. I just installed a brand new version of Astah Professional 7.2.0. While running the installer, I DID NOT choose to install Java, since I have Java 1.8.0_144 on my machine and am needing it for specific work and do not wish to mess with it. After the install, I selected the checkbox indicating "Launch Astah". Nothing happened. If I click on the icon or try to launch in any other way, I see a brief flash of the Astah logo on screen and then it immediately vanishes.

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Fred,

Sorry that you are having a trouble with launching Astah.

Try this step then:

  1. There is a "astah-pro.bat" file in the Astah Installation folder. Open it with text editor
  2. In the line 5-6 from the top, you will find these lines marked in red box in the figure below. Image Text

  3. Remove "rem" from the top of both lines, specify your 1.8.0_144 JDK folder and overwrite Image Text

  4. Double-click the astah-pro.bat file to launch Astah

If it failed, please try:

  1. Go to Astah Installation folder and see if there is a [jre] folder
  2. If there is, rename it
  3. Try launching again by double clicking the astah-pro.bat file

If this didn't help launching Astah, please send us the following files.:

  • VM log file starts with hs_err_pid
  • astah_pro.log and astah.log files (you can find them in the USER_HOME.astah\professional directory)



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