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Asking about Loop in Communication Diagram

Hello, I'm learning Object Oriented Analysis and Design, I have to create Communication Diagram based on Sequence Diagram, I wonder how can I show Loop in Message in Communication Diagram. Thanks.

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Ho,

According to UML 2.5 Specification - Sequence expression, loop can be represented by using a star, * or a star by a double vertical line, *|| for the messages in Communication Diagrams.

e.g: *[i := 1..n], *||[k:1..n]...etc.

However in Astah, you cannot show them in front of Guard/Iteration, as when you put them in the [Guard] field, it will appear within a bracket on the diagram. So one way to represent is to use Note and make a note about the loop and attach it to the Message.

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