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show class diagram

Hi, Is there a function to show all the classes in the Astah window without having to drag all the classes to the window??


Product: Astah Professional

Hi Ano,

This may work.

  1. Right-click on a package which includes Classes, and choose [Auto Create Class Diagram] Image Text
  2. Then a new class diagram will be created with all the models in the package

This menu is available per package. So if there are sub-packages in a package, it will be shown just as a package on the diagram. In this case, you have to auto-create diagram for every package and copy and paste Classes on the same diagram.

Do those classes have properties (such as attributes, operations and associations) set already? If not, there is another way that I can suggest.



Hi, Is there a function in the astah SDK that creates all the classes and attributes? How do I use that function (autoCreateclassDiagram)?

Thanks in advance

I mean i would like to use the create auto detailed class diagram. Do u have a function for this?

Hi Ano,

Checked with dev. team and we're afraid that there isn't a method for that at the moment.

Will add it to our user-wish list.

Thanks, SJ

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