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How to draw class diagram for the class having getters and setters


How do I draw the class diagram with getters and setters given below ?

============================================================================================ using System; using BC.Shared.Extensions;

namespace BC.Gopi.Models { public class CountryConfigurationModel { public string CountryIsoCode { get; set; } public string MerchantId { get; set; } public string CurrencyCode { get; set; } public bool ThreeDSecurityEnabled { get; set; } public int CurrencyDecimalDigits { get; set; } public string CreditCardTypes { get; set; } public string SerializedCustomSettings { get; set; }

    private object _customSettings;
    public T GetCustomSettings<T>()
        if (_customSettings == null)
            if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(SerializedCustomSettings))
                throw new Exception("SerializedCustomSettings not found for MerchantProvider with Id = " + MerchantId);
            _customSettings = SerializedCustomSettings.FromJsonString<T>();
        return (T)_customSettings;


Product: Astah Community


Do you want to know how to specify C# property and export codes?

If it is so, Astah Community can not do it.

You shold use Astah Professional and can know how to do it on reference manual(section 12.6.2).

You can download it from here.

If you want to create getter/setter operations, you can use Setter/Getter menu as shown bellow.

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